Ride Ambassadors

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Meet Casey

"Through working at KPMG, I have been exposed to a number of charitable organizations and amazing causes, but JDRF stands out to me for a number of reasons. Many of our partners and employees have a personal connection to the cause which made organizing the 2018 ride that much more meaningful. Since the 2018 ride, I’ve had the pleasure of working with JDRF each year to help raise awareness and make an impact to those living with T1D. I am so excited to be back in person for 2023 and to move for a cure!" 

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Meet David

"My father Arnold lived for nearly 50 years with type 1 diabetes (T1D). I saw firsthand how difficult this disease is to manage and the daily toll it takes on a person and their family."  

"JDRF is working tirelessly to find new treatments and methods to help those with diabetes live longer and heathier lives. They are making a meaningful difference improving and prolonging the lives of those living with T1D. That’s why I’m taking part in the Sun Life Ride to Defeat Diabetes for JDRF in 2023 and I hope you will join me."

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Meet Louis-Philippe

"In 2008, I participated in my first JDRF Ride. While attending the launch of the event, I heard a young ambassador speak about his experience with T1D. I was extremely moved by this young child and decided I wanted to contribute to JDRF's mission to find a cure for T1D. As the father of two healthy girls, I was sympathetic to the issues faced by parents who have a child diagnosed with T1D."

"I have been a member of the Montreal Ride Committee since the beginning of my involvement and have served as co-chair for two years."  

"Along with my colleagues at CDPQ, we support JDRF's mission and believe the Ride is a way to achieve it. This event raises money to fund the most promising research that is improving lives today and bringing us closer to a cure. I'm proud to ride for the cause and proud to support JDRF in its mission." 

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Meet Miguel 

"Having had T1D for nearly 54 years, I’m thankful for the efforts made by JDRF to fund critical research. The end result of these efforts has translated into amazing advancements in T1D treatments and technology that I’ve personally benefitted from through my life. When I was diagnosed, there was virtually nothing to help families manage this complicated and potentially dangerous condition. No home glucose monitoring, insulin pumps or rapid acting insulin. It was primitive and meant the person with T1D was restricted in what they could eat and do. The long-term prognosis wasn’t good either. Today, families can benefit from these advancements, in large part, due to the JDRF mission of improving the lives of those with T1D, and their families. Life today with T1D is better than it was, but it’s still not easy on many levels." 

"Because of this, I'm dedicated to giving back to the Diabetes community. As a cyclist, I try to raise awareness and funds, through the ‘iRide’ program, which is a 160+ kilometre bike event at locations around the US. These rides are attended by people from around the world and are a reflection of the dedication this community has to raising awareness, improving treatments and ultimately finding a cure. This year, I will return to Death Valley in October, for my 6th ride, to continue my mission to help turn Type 1 into Type None." 

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Meet Sara 

"My daughter Georgia was diagnosed with T1D 2 years ago, just after she turned 4. Since that day, I (with the help of a pump) have been her outsourced pancreas!  It is not well understood just how constant and involved it is to be the caretaker of a T1D child. That’s why I am participating in my 3rd Ride, to make our dream of life without T1D becomes a reality. The Ride offers my family a connection to an amazing community of advocates, volunteers, and families like ours. Sometimes this disease can feel very isolating but coming together at such an energetic event fills me with hope and the support I need to keep fighting for the cure!"